Wild Rowanberries

If you’re into your Foraging, Rowanberries (aka Mountain Ash) are now ready to pick. The stunning red berries are packed with vitamin A and C. They make fabulous jellies to serve with the upcoming game season, roast lamb or venison. They are best picked as late as possible but before the blackbirds and thrushes get to them. Commonly found in rural hedgerows and footpaths. They are easily spotted in the autumn with their plentiful clumps of red berries. The fruit is sour rather than sweet and has a unique flavour, making it a useful ingredient for far more preserves than just the popular Rowanberry Jelly.
The only use for consuming wild Rowanberries in their fresh raw state comes from Roger Phillips in his book ‘Wild Food’ in which he suggests squeezing the juice out of the berries to use in gin in place of angostura bitters!

Unfortunately we don’t sell these at the moment.

Disclaimer: Never eat anything from the wild without first consulting an expert! Please forage responsibly. Educate yourself, and have fun.