CSL Market Report 11th August 2015

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report 11th August 2015

The 12th August known as ‘The Glorious Twelth’ is upon us again, meaning the start of the Grouse shooting season and unfortunately due to bad spring weather it’s not so glorious as there were fewer nesting birds. The start of the shooting season means a menu change for many and a chance to add some seasonal fruits to their savoury menus.
So we have several varieties of English Plums, the first of the English Apples in Discovery, which are great for juicing, if your into your foraging, Elderberries are starting to ripen and there are plenty of Blackberries in the hedgerows.
On the Market there are many good English Brassicas, including Cavalo Nero, Curly Kale and Broccoli that has now eased in price. Purple & Green Kohl Rabi and Purple & Yellow Cauliflower are available. For customers wanting a good chipping Potato, were still buying the Spanish Agria Potatoes until the English New crop has matured in size and skin.
Barlotti Beans are expensive at the moment, so to are Kenyan Fine Beans.
English Cherries
are imminently ending, but all the English Berries are in full flow including Black Currants & BlueberriesLemons & Oranges are still expensive and show no sign of getting cheaper any time soon.

CSL Market Report 25th July 2015

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report 25th July 2015

This unusual cold spell shows no sign of returning to the lovely warm weather we expected for July and as a subsequence soft fruits are starting to suffer as they need warm dry weather. So if the cold & wet continues English Strawberries & Raspberries will suffer the most and prices will increase. We still have English Cherries, but supplies are getting shorter. English Plums have now started and the first early variety we have is a ‘Meritare’ which is not dissimilar to a Victoria Plum. Dutch Pineberries & Stayberries are now available again. English Apricots are lovely but not available every day. All Citrus Fruit in particular Oranges & Lemons remains very tight and prices are high. Pineapples too are creeping up in price. Water Melons are cheaper this week so are a good buy.
Broccoli has doubled in price due to short supply, Cauliflower, Cucumbers and Baby Artichokes are all dearer this week too. Marrows are plentiful now and are a good price. All the English Lettuces remain a good price, as do the Beef Tomatoes. The Wild Mushroom selection is a bit limited this time of year and can be expensive, so you may want to check before ordering. Avocados are in short supply still and the ‘Hass‘  variety is still the best around even though it is a bit pricier.

CSL Market Report 14th July 2015

County Supplies London Market Report 14th July

Apart from a few heated exchanges and a broken toe, the Covent Garden 5-a-side football tournament on Saturday went quite well. So Monday was more about the football than the produce!
Little change on last week, we have some good sized English Savoy Cabbage from Kent, Red/Green Curly Kale and good sized Cauliflowers from Lincolnshire. English Marrows & Courgettes are also around. There is a good selection of English baby Leaves including Baby Kale, Pousse, Rocket and Mixed Leaf – all available in 500g bags. Smoked Garlic has started again and there is some good loose French Corn-on-Cob. Smooth skin Feurte Avocado’s are not ripening well so we’re limited to buying the dearer Hass Variety.
Citrus prices are a problem and prices are rising affecting Oranges, Lemons & Limes. All the English Berries are available and quality is good. Peaches and Nectarines are now in their peak and prices are very reasonable. There are some French Greengages available and even some English Apricots on the market. The best easy peeler is still the Peruvian Satsumas and prices are easing slightly.

CSL Market Report 8th July 2015

County Supplies London Market Report 8th July 

Its been a tough week getting produce from the continent with all the strikes at Calais and subsequent problems on Eurostar. Usually we have our daily delivery around 1am, over the last week your lucky if it came at all! But we managed and luckily this time of year we have a lot of home grown produce around like the lovely Runner Beans & Broad Beans from D Southall & Sons in Worcs. The hike in the Cucumber price was short lived and is now back to normal. The English New Potatoes from Suffolk taste great, so do the Fresh Peas from K.S. Coles Farm in Somerset. Cauliflowers are a good size and coming from Lincolnshire at present. Please note that English Asparagus has finished, it’s Peruvian now.

Good Black Seedless Grapes are still a problem and pricey. Lemons are more expensive now that we’re buying the better quality new season Argentinian. Limes too are due to rise in price as supplies get tighter. Plenty of English berries about now including Blackberries & Blueberries. We have some lovely English Cherries from Barfield Farm in Kent (see pic), currently it’s a variety called ‘Sasha’ but it can change daily. Spanish Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots continue to be excellent and are reasonably priced.

English Cherries Kent