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Fruit & Vegetable Market Report September 15th 2015

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report September 15th 2015

It’s not officially Autumn until 23rd September, but the cooler weather feels like its here already. To emphasize the Autumnal feel we have a good selection of Winter Squashes available now. From the plain old Spaghetti Squash to the warted looking Pattison Strie (list of current availability and forth coming varieties available), there’s plenty to choose from.  Individual Baby Pumpkins are available too. If you need something for an Autumn theme display then there are some lovely Gould’s available. Plump, Large French Chestnuts have also started, but come with a hefty price tag. Continental Wet Walnuts have arrived, so too have Quinces. English Corn-on-Cob is excellent and a good buy. English Peas are coming to an end but we’re still getting regular supplies of English Broad Beans & Runner Beans. White Asparagus is very expensive, but the Green Asparagus is ok. Tomatoes are getting pricier by the day and the price of English Iceberg Lettuce has risen. English Lollo & Oakleaf are still reasonable and good quality. The Wild Mushroom selection has greatly improved now as we approach Autumn.

Squash Varieties currently available: Onion, Gem, Pattison Strie, Patty Pan Yellow, Spaghetti, Blue Ballet, Crown Prince, Casperita and Harlequin

Coming soon: Turban, Acorn, Kaboocha

Turkish Figs are plentiful and prices have reduced. English Victoria and the darker Marjorie Seedling Plums are good and eating well. English Discovery Apples have finished their short season, but we have Early Windsor, Coxes & Bramley available now. English Raspberries are good, but we’re buying the more consistent Dutch Strawberries rather than the English. Oranges & Lemons remain dear, so are Water Melons & Galia Melons. French Greengages have come to an end, so too are Spanish Peaches & Nectarines ending, however we do have some excellent French Peaches available but they come at a premium price.