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Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 9th November 2018

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 9th November 2018

Some say ‘There is only two times of the year: Autumn and waiting for Autumn’. Its the time of year where comfort food starts coming into its own, and none better than some lovely Squashes that are around to cook in all different manners, so too are  Fresh Chestnuts, Cranberries and good ol’ Brussels Sprouts & Sprout Tops, to name but a few. Lincolnshire Cauliflower is a good size at the moment, English Savoy, Primo & Hispi Cabbages are all at they’re best. The English Globe Artichokes from Maldon in Essex are exquisite. Green Courgettes are expensive at present and the Yellow Courgettes are extortionate so to is Red Chicory, so best avoided. Dutch Celeriac is a good size and better value than the French for now. English Broccoli is coming to an end shortly and we’ll move onto the Spanish. English Leeks are good but a bit pricey right now.

All the English Salads are ending or have ended, we’re on Spanish Rocket, Pousse & Mixed Baby Leaf and the English Lollo Rosso & Oakleaf will end this week and swop to Spanish. Tomatoes, Cucumber & Peppers are all reasonable for the time of year.

Crosnes are available now, also known as Chinese Artichokes or Chorogi, they look like micro-mini Michelin men. Named because it was first cultivated in France near Crosne, the home town of Monsieur Pailleux of Crosnes, the individual credited for being the first to take the vegetable to Europe. Crosnes have a crunchy texture and earthy flavour, similar to a Jerusalem artichokes in taste.

New Season Spanish Lemons are very good and a bit easier in price, Limes a getting dearer though. No Apricots around but there is some Southern Hemisphere Peaches & Nectarines but too hard at this early stage to buy. The Strawberry price see-saws from week to week and this week their pretty expensive, Blackberries are too.  Black Figs are good but are quite expensive. Spanish leafy Clementines are very good, for some thing cheaper, we have the Spanish ‘Okitsu’ Satsumas that are a bit paler in colour but they eat very well. The choice of Pears is still limited and Conference Pears are about the best. Pineapples look to ease in price as there’s plenty around.