Focus On… Seville Oranges

Seville Oranges

If your a chef that likes to make the most of seasonal food, now’s the time to make the most of the bitter tasting orange from the southern Spanish province of Seville. This prized knobbly looking fruit makes more than just top class Marmalade. Peeled strips of the aromatic zest can be dried in a cool oven and used to flavour stews, stir-fries or chutneys. The tart juice can replace lemons or lime juice in marinades and sauces. Even the pips can be put to use by putting them in muslin and adding it to jellies or jams for extra Pectin. This Citrus tree has other uses around the world too, the rootstock can be used to grow the sweeter varieties of orange, the fruit and leaves can be made into a lather and used in soap and the Cubans use the wood to make baseball bats. All that aside, I just think it makes a really good quality marmalade.