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English Discovery Apples

English Discovery Apples are best known because it is one of the earliest apples to crop in the UK. Cropping time is usually mid to late August and lasts for about a month into September. Discovery Apples are hard and crisp with lots of juice and has an acidic come sweet flavour which appeals to […]

CSL Market Report 11th August 2015

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report 11th August 2015 The 12th August known as ‘The Glorious Twelth’ is upon us again, meaning the start of the Grouse shooting season and unfortunately due to bad spring weather it’s not so glorious as there were fewer nesting birds. The start of the shooting season means a menu change for […]

Matts Life 25th July 2015

Time for a makeover in Matt’s Lfe After a grilling that he’s beards getting out of hand from his other half and a few derogatory remarks from Robert, Matt decided it’s time for a makeover. Matt asked if we had any ideas of what his new look should be like so we thought he should be a bit […]

Black Garlic

Black Garlic starts life as premium quality white garlic but, after gentle heating and a little time, its cloves become sweet, dark and jellied . This is achieved through the ageing process only; there are no additives, but Black Garlic has twice the antioxidants of normal garlic, is low in fat, rich in natural sugars […]

CSL Market Report 25th July 2015

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report 25th July 2015 This unusual cold spell shows no sign of returning to the lovely warm weather we expected for July and as a subsequence soft fruits are starting to suffer as they need warm dry weather. So if the cold & wet continues English Strawberries & Raspberries will suffer the most and […]

Best of British Produce – July

July is a great month for fantastic seasonal British produce. See below for a selection of the finest ingredients that should feature in every chef’s menu this month. Salads Round Lettuce, Cucumbers, Lollo Rosso & Biando, Iceberg, Cos, Little Gem, Pousse, Watercress, Baby leaf salads. Vegetables Cauliflower, Leeks, Swede, Beetroot, Carrots, Parsnips, White, Red & Primo […]

Matts Life 14th July 2015

After a Matt style pig-out of Pork Ribs, Beef Ribs, Lobster Burger, Brisket…….etc, at Dinerama in Shoreditch on a boys night out on Friday night Matt decided he needed a bit of exercise over the weekend to burn off a few calories. So first on the agenda he went for a 5 mile dog walk with his other […]

CSL Market Report 14th July 2015

County Supplies London Market Report 14th July Apart from a few heated exchanges and a broken toe, the Covent Garden 5-a-side football tournament on Saturday went quite well. So Monday was more about the football than the produce! Little change on last week, we have some good sized English Savoy Cabbage from Kent, Red/Green Curly […]

Honey Berries

An edible Honeysuckle berry with similar tasting fruit to blueberries is set to be the next superfood. The blue honeysuckle berries, also called honeyberries or haksaps has been grown and enjoyed for centuries in Siberia and Japan. Only a small amount has been grown in this country so far but next year they will be […]

Wild Rose Petal Honey

This was a popular feature from Robin Harford’s blog last year on how to make this seasonal treat. “My current favourite tasting rose petal is that of ‘Rosa rugosa’ aka Red Japanese Rose which not only smells heavenly, but tastes extraordinary. Chances are you’ve walked by it many times. It’s the rose with the massive […]