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Wild Rose Petal Honey

This was a popular feature from Robin Harford’s blog last year on how to make this seasonal treat. “My current favourite tasting rose petal is that of ‘Rosa rugosa’ aka Red Japanese Rose which not only smells heavenly, but tastes extraordinary. Chances are you’ve walked by it many times. It’s the rose with the massive […]

CSL Market Report 8th July 2015

County Supplies London Market Report 8th July  Its been a tough week getting produce from the continent with all the strikes at Calais and subsequent problems on Eurostar. Usually we have our daily delivery around 1am, over the last week your lucky if it came at all! But we managed and luckily this time of year […]

Wild Elder Flowers

Elderberries are found through out the UK along roadsides and hedgerows. The flowers appear from the end of May to the beginning of June. The Elderberry’s hermaphrodite flowers are borne in large clusters (corymbs), 10-25cms in diameter and are pollinated by bees and flies. The cream coloured flowerheads are honey scented blossoms that are crisp […]